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Quantum Lyrics

This ambitious collection explores the intersection of the infinite world of physics with the perplexities of the human condition. Employing both narrative and cinematic structure, Jordan re-creates the lives of Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, and comic book superheroes―the Green Lantern, the Atom―and also reveals himself in poems of recollection and loss.

Praise for

Quantum Lyrics

“The superheroes of DC Comics meet the Nobel Laureate of particle physics; Charlie Chaplin meets Albert Einstein, who gives shelter to Marian Anderson when no hotel in Princeton will have her; the fractal repetitions of branching twig and leaf vein haunt the son of a father who did or did not teach him cruelty to women: all fuel for a sustained nuclear reaction of Quantum Lyrics. A. Van Jordan is one of the most capacious, deep-structural imaginations in American Poetry today. These poems are radioactive.”

Macnolia Praise
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